Betting on Chelsea

If you are a Chelsea fan then you no doubt want to place bets on them when you watch them live or on TV. Please remember there are a few things you should considor before doing so.

First of all you must remember to bet with your head. This means making informed decisions with the best knowledge and odds. You should be be betting on markets which you find a good value. Sometimes this means betting on the other team if you think the odds are good enough. For example, if Chelsea were to play Arsenal at home and a sports book gave odds of 5 to 1 for Arsenal to win then this represents fantastic value and you should not be afraid to back Arsenal even though you may be rooting for a Chelsea win.

Never bets with your heart. This means don’t make emotional decisions on which markets to place your bet on. Many people simply back there home team every week no matter what the competition or the odds. Even in the long run you will always come out behind. Last season when Chelsea won you would still have lost money if you bet on Chelsea every game. This is because the odds are extremely low meaning you any good a small return every time they win but on the occasions when Chelsea draw or lose especially at home you stand to lose several weeks or even months profit. If you insist on backing Chelsea then consider doing Asian handicaps and only bets against teams your mind and brain says are a good bet. For example betting against Manchester United when they are putting out a strong team at time with globals is not a good decision.

You should always check the odds of any bet you make. This can lead to much more substantial profits over time. The odds on each bookmaker will vary and can be as much as 50% different even on win markets. It’s advisable that you sign up to a betting exchange such as Betfair. This allows you to make bets against other players rather than the sports book giving you much better odds and more true to life odds. Betfair make their money by charging you a commission for every profit you make. For example if you win £100 profit on a match they will charge you 5%. Since betting exchanges have odds of around 20% better than any sports book this 5% commission is very good value.